How Your Child Fits Into Our School Just Fine

“At Littleland Junior School, pupils are given the opportunity of belonging to various clubs where they learn life skills in the process of growing up. They also socialize with peers, and gain experiences from the various club activities which prepare them to face the challenges of the real world. Amongst these social clubs are: Brownies & Scouting, Home Makers, Young Orators, Cultural Group, French, Music, Dance, Rubik and Literary & Debating.”

The Explorer Classes 1 & 2 (18 Months – 3 Years)


At Littleland Junior School, we pride ourselves on our adequately stimulated environment which has everything it takes to support a smooth transition from home to school. We are proficient in the delivery of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum which covers the prime (Communication & Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development – PSED) and specific (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of The Word, Expressive Arts and Design) areas of learning. We also engage our young learners in the use of age-appropriate Montessori materials in a prepared environment which provide opportunity for self-discovery through independent learning, repetition, and practice. All of these help in laying a solid foundation for later; more advanced learning. Special hands-on programs are also organised for our preschoolers termly to give our young learners a rich and rounded preschool experience.

We are open from 8 am to 1 pm Mondays through Fridays (except on public holidays).

Explorer Classes

  1. Explorer 1
  2. Explorer 2

Nursery Classes

  1. Nursery 1
  2. Nursery 2

We offer more than formal education. We shape lives. We build and equip future leaders.