How Your Child Fits Into Our School Just Fine

“At Littleland Junior School, pupils are given the opportunity of belonging to various clubs where they learn life skills in the process of growing up. They also socialize with peers, and gain experiences from the various club activities which prepare them to face the challenges of the real world. Amongst these social clubs are: Brownies & Scouting, Home Makers, Young Orators, Cultural Group, French, Music, Dance, Rubik and Literary & Debating.”

The Elementary Classes (5 Years – 10 Years)

At the elementary section, we operate a blended curriculum which aims at developing the full potential of each child by exposing them to an array of subjects which include: Mathematics & Critical Thinking, Science, Religious & National Values, Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning Skills, ICT, Creative Arts and Languages all enriched with relevant resources as well as hands-on activities which aids in creating deeper learning outcomes in each child.
The flipped classroom model of our blended learning programme affords our grade pupils the opportunity to own their learning experience through the exposure to various themed audiovisuals and digital activities. These experiences combine to help them develop a sense of independence, high self esteem, confidence and proficiency in the use of technological tools.
Our highly resourceful environment supports each child to develop the love for learning as they grow into life long learners who appreciate the need to continuously explore.


Our Practice:

  • Inculcating permanent literacy and communication skills.

  • Promoting concrete learning through discovery and project-based activities rather than by being told.

  • Engaging pupils in the activities that enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills.

  • Developing character, instilling morals and right attitudes in pupils.

  • Promoting and encouraging involvement in various co-curricular activities to lay foundation for the development of rewarding life skills in the future.

Lower Grade

  1. Grade 1
  2. Grade 2
  3. Grade 3

Upper Grade

  1. Grade 4
  2. Grade 5
  3. Grade 6

We offer more than formal education. We shape lives. We build and equip future leaders.